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Optical Comparators

Just recently Lake Shore Industrial Services has added S-T Industries (Sherr-Tumico) to the premium list of products we offer today.  Optical Comparators is an item which is manufactured 100% in the United States!

S-T Industries offers a wide variety of horizontal and vertical comparators at a very competitive price.  S-T takes pride in their craftsmanship, which shows by offering a two year warranty from date of installation on all comparators sold today!

If a new comparator is not in the budget, S-T offers a refurbishing program to update your current S-T unit.

To better understand the Comparator products, please visit S-T also offers a full line of precision measuring tools.  Call a Lake Shore representative today to help with any questions.

Lake Shore can also offer an accredited A2LA calibration for Comparators needing certified.  We will visit the customer's facility on-site, minimize down time and verify the accuracy by using S-T Industries Comparator Calibration Kits in our current procedures.

Please call 800-838-3539 or 814-838-3539 to schedule an on-site calibration,